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The primary work of the publishing firm is The Inner Dimensions of Life. It consists of 3 volumes which may be read by everyone no matter what basis they have. They hold a large number of illustrations which give the reader a visual impression of the various topics, and also source references which enable readers to pursue any subject matter in its original form.

The books have been published in Danish for a number of years, and therefore it is possible to see their appearance on the Danish homepage. They are being translated into English, and the first volume is now available in English.

The first volume, Esoteric Philosophy, offers an introduction to all the basic concepts of the esoteric teaching, beginning with the esoteric “Genesis” or Creation Account, The 7 Planes, and further on to the Constitution of Man, Death and New Birth, Evolution – Reincarnation and Karma, the Path of Initiation, the Path of Discipleship, the 7 Rays, the Evolution of Consciousness, Cosmology, the Esoteric World History, the Inner World Government, the New Evolutionary Impulse and the Deva Kingdom.

In the book Meditation – The Royal Road to the Soul you will find concrete tools you may use, if you want to become immersed in your own inner dimen­sions. Meditation is the kind of activity which over the course of time leads to conscious contact with your spiritual awareness, the soul. And soul consciousness is a necessary prerequisite of a happy and harmonious life in conformity with the intentions of the Self with the incarnation.