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Profile of the Author

Niels Brønsted is born in 1938 and has been studying the esoteric teaching for about 40 years. After going to the The Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen to become an architect, and having a career as a jazz musician, he received his basic esoteric training with the English teacher and healer Ronald P. Beesley.

Immediately after Ronald P. Beesley’s death in 1979, Niels began to co-operate with the Danish theosophical movement, where he was active as writer, editor and teacher for many years. In this period he carried through the 12 year meditation programme of the The Arcane School, and in 2001 he left The Theosophical Union to form The Esoteric Center Copenhagen with a group of co-workers. Later they changed their name into The Center of The Inner Dimensions of Life and moved to a place in the countryside.

Niels is probably best known for The Esoteric School which he started in 1987, and which has been arranged in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Spain. He gives courses, seminars and lectures, and he writes and publishes esoteric books and articles. Most notable is his writing down of the entire curriculum of The Esoteric School in the work entitled The Inner Dimensions of Life, volume 1: Esoteric Philosophy, volume 2: Esoteric Psychology and volume 3: Esoteric Sociology.