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Meditation, The Royal Road to the Soul

“We do not hear the sun rise” – even if it is the most essential event in nature. “So too, the greatest moments in a man’s life comes quietly”.

With this beautiful quotation Niels Brøn­sted begins his book on meditation. He draws on an esoteric tradition where the activity is also called “occult” meditation. This is because the latin word originally means “hidden”, and occult mediation tries to reveal the hidden laws of nature and point the way to a unification with our inner source, the soul, through contemplation and illumination.

Niels Brønsted combines in a clear and thought-through way theory and practice. He takes his readers securely through the phases and techniques of occult meditation by means of practical exercises. That is why the book is a greatly needed tool for the person who wants to turn meditation into a significant part of his life.