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The Inner Dimensions of Life

The Inner Dimensions of Life represents a ”scientific” presentation of the esoteric or spiritual teaching, which has its origin in the philosophy of the East, and has been continued in the West in the shape of Theosophy and the later esoteric teachings primarily given through Alice A. Bailey and Lucille Cedercrans. The books address people who feel attracted to this teaching and now want a thorough introduction. But they also open a door for the spiritual seeker who has not been aware of the existence of the teaching but now meet with it for the first time. For the latter group concerned the work offers an alternative attitude to life and the world as a whole.

The Inner Dimensions of Life is written in an easily read language, and the books are full of examples and illustrations which, together with a well-arranged and logical division into chapters, passages and subdivisions, lighten the understanding of an otherwise difficult material – ”difficult” because some people are completely unaccustomed to it and are therefore lead to draw profound conclusions concerning existence as a whole.

In a fluent and clear language the author gives the general overview of, as well as the background and the techniques for, spiritual development on the basis of a material which may otherwise be difficult of apprehension. He weaves his philosophical and psychological threads into a brilliant network of deeply fascinating wisdom. The books will be a source of inspiration for many years to come.

The Inner Dimensions of Life, volume 1, Esoteric Philosophy
As the subtitle implies, the book presents a broad introduction into all the basic concepts of the esoteric teaching. Like other ”sacred” books it begins with the esoteric creation account, but in addition to that it deals with subjects like The 7 Planes, The Constitution of Man, Death & New Birth, Evolution – Reincarnation & Karma, The Path of Initiation, The Path of Discipleship, The 7 Rays, The Evolution of Consciousness, Cosmology, The Esoteric World History, The Inner World Government, The New Evolutionary Impulse and The Deva Kingdom.
Volume 1 is now available in English.

The Inner Dimensions of Life, volume 2, Esoteric Psychology
As the subtitle implies, the book describes the conscious mental life of man and its development. After an exposition of the emotional, mental and will life comes a comprehensive chapter on the personality. The next chapters deal with The Building of the Antahkarana, that is soul contact through occult meditation, Conscious­ness, Telepathy & Clairvoyance & Spiritual Guidance, Dreams, Obsession and Meditation.

The Inner Dimensions of Life, volume 3, Esoteric Sociology
As the subtitle implies, the book deals with the way in which we as esotericists may relate to groups, the society and the world as a whole. The global perspective is described in 4 chapters: The Law of Karma, The Dark Forces, The New Group of World Servers and The Externalisation of the Hierarchy. The follows a chapter on Economy which is seen as the basic cause of many of the present problems of humanity. These are dealt with under the subtitles: The Biggest Problems, fear, over-stimulation and stress, The Psychological Rehabilitation of the Nations, The Children in the World, Capital & Work, Minorities, Churches & Religions and World Unity & New Economic Order.

The book is concluded with the subject of Group Work, which probably holds the most important message to people who approach an esoteric attitude to life, that is to say the demand for unselfish service to the benefit of the whole.

The Inner Dimensions of Life, CD-rom
As the reader will discover, the books do not contain an index. This is because an index will always represent a long series of choices as to what is included and what is not. But with the electronic alternatives we have today the problem of searching is solved in the best way by issuing a CD-rom containing the files of all 3 books in pdf-format, so that the reader may search anything they want in the free program of Acrobat Reader.